Hello everyone and welcome to the first season of RuneTale - a new version of the GamesLabs network Minescape Leagues.

This season of RuneTale will test your knowledge of the world of Minescape, your ability to choose between different rewards and finally, it will test your patience.

Season 1 features

The new season of RuneTale brings you new challenges and new features, some similar to the old ones, some new and unique.

Welcome to RuneTale

Ironman mode

To keep the competition tense, this season of RuneTale we're introducing only one game type - Ironman mode. That means, that every single player joining the gamemode will have normal ironman mode restrictions: no player trading, and no use of the Grand Exchange...

Weekly unlocks

Many of you wanted to try and compete for #1 last season, but after playing for a couple of days, you've realized that your late start or low playtime will not allow you to reach a high position in the high scores.

To solve this issue, this season we're introducing weekly unlocks - a feature that will give various bonuses to players for the first 12 weeks of RuneTale:

  • Week 1: Global 5x XP booster & 20% RNG booster. Beacon cooldowns are reduced to 1 hour.
  • Week 2: Global 40% RNG booster. You no longer use run energy when running.
  • Week 3: Global 7x XP booster. All coin drops are doubled.
  • Week 4: Global 60% RNG booster. Crafting items or brewing potions has a 10% chance to double the resulting item.
  • Week 5: Global 9x XP booster. Thieving gives double loot.
  • Week 6: Global 90% RNG booster. Medium clues (and tiers above) have a reduced max step count by 1.
  • Week 7: Global 12x XP booster. All potions last 50% longer.
  • Week 8: Global 120% RNG booster. You can choose a slayer task from any of the masters' monsters you have unlocked.
  • Week 9: Global 15x XP booster. All picked-up bones and ashes are auto-imbued.
  • Week 10: Global 150% RNG booster. You can cast any magic teleport spells without having or using any of the required runes.
  • Week 11: Global 18x XP booster & 180% RNG booster. You gain double the slayer and boss slayer points for completed tasks.
  • Week 12: Global 20x XP booster & 200% RNG booster. The construction island bank chest works as a proper bank.
RuneTale Week I screen

Please note that the global RNG and DXP boosters are combined with your personal RNG/DXP boosters.

RuneTale tab

Tiers & Tier unlocks

The game starts with 6 tiers: Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite, and Master. These tiers have 35 main tasks each (some of the tasks have sub-tasks (e.g. reaching level 50 in all skills is a main task, but each individual skill is a sub-task of that task)).

Players cannot access higher tiers before completing at least 70% of the tasks in the previous tier.

Once a player completes 60% and 80% of a specific tier, they get a choice to unlock one of the following benefits:


  • Beginner: +1x DXP or +50% RNG booster increase.
  • Easy: +1x DXP or +50% RNG booster increase.
  • Medium: +2x DXP or +35% RNG booster increase.
  • Hard: +2x DXP or +35% RNG booster increase.
  • Elite: +2x DXP or +35% RNG booster increase.
  • Master: +2x DXP or +35% RNG booster increase.


  • Beginner:
    - A buff allowing you to gather double mining and farming resources.
    - A buff allowing you to gather double woodcutting logs and implings.
    - A buff allowing you to gather double fish and flowers.
  • Easy:
    - A rare chance to get a Rare Drop Table reward whilst mining or fishing.
    - A rare chance to get a Rare Drop Table reward whilst woodcutting or farming.
    - A rare chance to get a Rare Drop Table reward whilst firemaking or thieving.
  • Medium:
    - A buff that unlocks the ability to find an Onyx from any tier of impling jar at the rate of 1/150.
    - A buff that ensures all impling jar loot is always received in a noted form, allowing for smoother looting during impling hunting expeditions.
    - A buff that doubles the loot obtained from any impling jar. This does not work on the clue scroll drop.
  • Hard:
    - An ability that automatically sends all ores obtained from mining directly to the bank.
    - An ability that automatically sends all logs obtained from woodcutting directly to the bank.
    - An ability that automatically sends all fish obtained from fishing directly to the bank.
  • Elite:
    - A specialized talent that bestows an additional 1 item roll when solving master clue scrolls, increasing the potential rewards and enhancing the chances of uncovering rare treasures.
    - A remarkable skill in monster hunting that grants a 1/64 chance for any defeated monster to drop a master clue.
    - A prodigious aptitude in gathering skills that provides a 1/64 chance for any gathering activity, such as mining, woodcutting, or fishing, to yield a master clue.
  • Master:
    - A 25% chance to conserve precious runes while casting spells and a 10% damage increase for magic.
    - A 25% chance to save arrows with each shot, complementing the effects of Ava's device(s) and a 10% damage increase for ranged.
    - An alchemical power that increases yield of gold from alching items by 25% and a 15% damage increase for melee.

You only get 1 choice and you may not change the choice you choose afterward.

RuneTale tasks

New tasks

We have reworked certain tasks and introduced a new list of tasks for each tier this season, keeping a total of 35 unique tasks per tier. These tasks will reward equal points with some small exceptions.

Passive buffs

This season of RuneTale is fast and fun and to keep it in balance with other unlocks and make the gamemode more fun, we've added the following passive buffs that are always active:

  • 2x Luck buffer on monster drops and other parts of the game (invisible 2x BASE RNG).
  • 5x More common clue scroll drop rates from skilling & combat activities (they will still appear normally in the monster drop tables, but the rates are buffed).
  • 2x Base slayer points (just normal slayer points, no boss slayer points buff).

Experience table

More fun = more challenges? Yes!

This season the max skill level is set to 200 and the skill xp table has been adjusted for that. Will you be the first one to reach level 200 in Farming?


As always, the rewards will be in-game cosmetics, candies, and some orbs! The specific rewards will be announced later in the season. Due to Ironman mode limitations, all rewards will be issued for a single user rather than per profile, meaning if you get a skin or a title - they will be given to your user profile and you will be able to use them on any profile of that account, but you will not get 2x skin or 2x orbs for competing with multiple profiles of the same account.

Minescape bugfixes

  • Added missing armor points description to the Quest Cape.
  • Added missing description to Ranged /  Magic armors in regards to the Ranged / Magic level requirement.
  • Fixed an issue causing infernal mages to show a thieving icon in the monster drop table.
  • Fixed an issue preventing drops of 1-2 dropping the max quantity of the drop (2).
  • Fixed an issue with a couple of palm trees causing nearby trees to fall down.
  • A single chinchompa is back from its holidays in the Rellekka hunter area.
  • Fixed the container crafting level requirement in the crafting skill guide.
  • Removed duplicate crafting guide entries.
  • Removed duplicate thieving guide entries.

Staff applications

GamesLabs is actively accepting Staff Applications! We are looking for players that are passionate about contributing to the GamesLabs Network, Minescape, and other exciting projects. We are specifically looking for players to assist on the following teams:

  • Build Team: Build team is responsible for bringing the Network to life! Builds include Minescape Points of Interest, Minigames, Network Lobby, Convention Booths, etc. Previous build experience is helpful and preferred.
  • Asset design team: We are looking for digital artists to create monster / item models, new UIs, icons and more! Experience in all of the fields is not necessary!

If you are interested in joining our team, please apply on our website at the following link: https://www.gameslabs.net/apply
We look forward to reviewing your applications!

The end

That's all for the release of RuneTale season 1!
Make sure to join our Discord if you haven't already!